A Compact Model for SiC Junction Barrier Schottky Diode for High-Voltage and High-Temperature Applications

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SiC-based Junction Barrier Schottky (JBS) Diode is employed in power conversion applications because of its low-leakage current and high switching speed characteristics even at elevated temperatures. JBS structure originates from Schottky Barrier Diode (SBD) structure, [...]

Analytic Compact Model of Ballistic and Quasi-ballistic Cylindrical Gate-All-Around MOSFET Incorporating Drain-Induced Barrier Lowering Effect

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Gate-All-Around metal-oxide-semiconductor field effect transistors (GAA-MOSFETs) have been attracting ever-increasing attention. The numerical calculations including quantum mechanical effect and ballistic transport of drain current can be evaluated quite accurately. However, it takes an immense amount [...]