Unified Regional Approach to Consistent and Symmetric DC/AC Modeling of Deep-Submicron MOSFETs

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This paper presents our new developments of Xsim, a unified regional threshold-voltage-based model for deepsubmicron MOSFETs. New features include complete reformulation with bulk reference, including transverse electric field for effective mobility resulting in source–drain symmetry, [...]

One-Iteration Parameter Extraction for Length/width-dependent Threshold Voltage and Unified Drain Current Model

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This paper presents calibration approach for our unified length/width-dependent MOSFET drain current (Ids) model [1] with the length/width-dependent threshold voltage (Vt) model [2] for technology characterization in the entire geometry/bias range for CMOS shallow trench [...]

Unified Regional Charge-based Versus Surface-potential-based Compact Modeling Approaches

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This paper outlines the key features and advantages of the unified regional charge-based approach to MOSFET compact charge modeling in comparison with surfacepotential- based approaches. Physical piecewise solutions are regionally derived from Pao–Sah equation, in [...]