Enhancement of anticancer action of traditional (doxorubicin and cisplatin) and experimental (landomycin A) drugs by their delivery in vivo with novel C60-fullerene-based nanocarriers possessing innate ROS-modulating activity

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Rapid development of multi-drug resistance of tumor cells to chemotherapy caused by the over-expression of specific ABC-transporter proteins and/or multiple defects in genes involved in cell cycle and apoptosis regulation in cancer cells frequently leads [...]

Conjugation of anticancer drugs with novel PEG-containing nanocarrier provides circumvention of drug-resistance mechanisms in vitro and protects of general toxicity in vivo

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In the last decade, the development of targeted drug delivery with conjugated nanoparticles brings more drug molecules to the diseased sites, at the same time reducing a systemic drug exposure. Polyethylene glycol (PEG) conjugation is [...]

Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles Induced Apoptosis and Necrosis in Hepatocellular Carcinoma HepG2 Cells

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Targeted drug delivery systems with minimal potential adverse/side effects are gaining utility in diverse applications. Uses of nanomaterials to design such targeted drug delivery are escalating exponentially. Nevertheless, the biocompatibility of nanomaterials is inadequately addressed. [...]