On Statistical Variation of MOSFETs Induced by Random-Discrete-Dopants and Random-Interface-Traps

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Abstract – In this work, we statistically study characteristic fluctuation of 16-nm-gate high-/metal gate (HKMG) MOSFETs by random-discrete-dopants (RDDs) inside silicon channel and random-interface-traps (RITs) at high-k/silicon interface. Randomly generated devices with three-dimensional (3D) RDDs [...]

Synthesis and characterization of methoxy poly(ethylene glycol)-O-chitosan-polyethylenimine as a noviral carrier for gene delivery and expression

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A novel water-soluble chitosan (CS) derivative,methoxy poly(ethylene glycol)-O-chitosan- polyethylenimine(mPEG-O-CS-PEI), was synthesized by grafting polycationic polyethylenimine (PEI) and methoxy poly (ethylene glycol) (mPEG) onto chitosan, the copolymer was characterized and confirmed by 1H-NMR and FT-IR spectra. [...]