Carbonaceous Materials Supported-Pd Catalysts for the Enantioselective Hydrogenation of (E)-alpha-Phenylcinnamic acid: The Influence of Support Acidity

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We performed a systematically comparative study of carbonaceous materials as catalyst supports for the asymmetric heterogeneous hydrogenation of (E)-alpha-phenylcinnamic acid to study the influence of the supports on the reaction enantioselectivity. We prepared Pd-based catalysts [...]

Characterization of Nanostructural Modifications Introduced into a Model Pectic Homogalacturonan by Esterases or Chemical Saponification and Modeling of Enzyme Mode of Action

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Pectin functionality is largely dependent on the ratio of methylesterified/demethylesterified galacturonic acid (GalA) residues present in its polymeric homogalacturonan region (40 – 60 nm in length, 100 – 150 GalA residues) and how the two [...]