TiO2 nanowired delivery of cerebrolysin induces superior neuroprotection following exacerbation of blast brain injury pathophysiology in diabetes

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Blast brain injury (bBI), a combination of pressure, rotation, penetration of sharp objects and chemical exposure is prevalent in military personnel during combat operations causing laceration, perforation and tissue loss in the brain. Since combat [...]

Nanocomposite dodecylsulfate-modified Mg-Al layered double hydroxide thin films deposited via laser technique

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Layered double hydroxides (LDHs), also known as hydrotalcites or anionic clays having a brucite-like structure are a class of host-guest materials, which can be described by the formula [M2+1-xM3+x(OH)2]x+(An-)x/n•mH2O where M2+ and M3+ are divalent [...]

TiO2 Nanowired Cerebrolysin reduces neuron-specific ubiquitin carboxyl-terminal esterase-L1 (UCHL1) in Alzheimer’s Disease and brain pathology

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Our military personnel during combat operations are vulnerable to various kinds of traumatic brain injuries. These soldiers are prone to develop neurodegenerative diseases e.g., Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) over time. Thus, efforts should be made to [...]

Strategies for production of naturally-derived calcium phosphates particles for solid free-form fabrication

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In this abstract we propose the strategies optimization for obtaining ceramic materials derived from natural sources for solid free-form fabrication, used for bone substitution. The selected method, thermal processing, is simple (due to the similarities [...]

Evolution of self-assembled Bi2O3/LDHs nanostructures to mixtures of mixed oxides and their photocatalytic efficiency under UV and solar light

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Self-assemblies of nanoparticles of Bi2O3 and the clay matrices of layered double hydroxides (LDHs) were fabricated using the manifestation of the structural memory effect of the LDHs in Bi(NO3)3 aqueous solutions, at room temperature. Nanoparticles [...]