Highly luminescent Ca3Sc2Si3O12:Ce3+ silicate garnet nano- and microparticles with 50-70% photoluminescence quantum yields as efficient phosphor converters for white LEDs

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Solid state lighting based upon a combination of violet/blue light emitting diodes (LEDs) and a phosphor converter created enormous commercial interest because of the potentially higher efficacies and long lifetimes of these light sources. Most [...]

Continuous Production of Polymer Coated Drug Crystals, Particles and Nanoparticles by Hollow Fiber Membrane-based Cooling Crystallization and Anti-solvent Crystallization

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Polymeric coating can provide protection for fragile drugs from hydrolysis and degradation. With an appropriate polymer coating, nanoparticles are known to traverse the physiological human mucous barrier. Such coatings are also integral to controlled drug [...]