Vapor-assisted bonding of poly(dimethylsiloxane) and silicon-based substrates


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We present a novel method to reliably bond PDMS to glass, Si, SiO2 and PDMS. In this vapor-assisted method the surface of the PDMS is first brought into contact with the substrate. The PDMS-substrate structure is then exposed to a vapor that acts as the bonding agent. In our first paper we used fluroaklyil trichlorosilane to generate the vapor. The vapor molecules diffuse through the permeable PDMS and assist in the formation of covalent bonds at the interface. We explain the mechanism of this novel bonding method through a series of expriments which use eight different silanes. The method is suitable for the mass production of lab-on-chip microfluidic devivces.

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Journal: TechConnect Briefs
Volume: 2, Nanotechnology 2010: Electronics, Devices, Fabrication, MEMS, Fluidics and Computational
Published: June 21, 2010
Pages: 442 - 444
Industry sector: Sensors, MEMS, Electronics
Topic: Micro & Bio Fluidics, Lab-on-Chip
ISBN: 978-1-4398-3402-2