Single dot luminescence characteristics of CdSe/ZnS core-shell structured quantum dots with different ligands

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Chemical derivatizations with different ligands were perfomed on CdSe/ZnS core-shell quantum dots (QDs). The role of ligands serves to increase water solubility and bio-compatibility of QDs for in-vivo biomedical fluorescence imaging. These QDs were synthesized with various capping agents and optically characterized by using single molecule detection technique to investigate the luminescence properties of single QD such as spectral distribution and blinking.

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Journal: TechConnect Briefs
Volume: 4, Technical Proceedings of the 2007 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show, Volume 4
Published: May 20, 2007
Pages: 374 - 376
Industry sector: Advanced Materials & Manufacturing
Topics: Nanoparticle Synthesis & Applications
ISBN: 1-4200-6376-6