Establishing rubber dandelions and guayule in the United States via premium markets to secure essential supplies

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Natural rubber and latex are imported, critical, agricultural raw materials essential to all sectors of the US economy and cannot be replaced by unsustainable petroleum-derived synthetic rubbers due to their performance deficiencies. National security is seriously compromised by our lack of domestic production and dearth of domestic inventories and stockpiles. Scalability challenges US production because commodity markets, which require low prices and huge supplies, cannot be accessed by rubber or latex produced at pilot scale from small crop acreages1. Thus, premium markets with high profit margins must be identified and addressed to support initial production and commercialization which can lead to later entry into medium markets and eventually lead to large-scale production of rubber dandelion and guayule crops, processing at a commodity scale, and fully valorize co-and by-products.

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Journal: TechConnect Briefs
Volume: TechConnect Briefs 2021
Published: October 18, 2021
Pages: 173 - 176
Industry sector: Medical & Biotech
Topics: Biomaterials, Diagnostics & Bioimaging
ISBN: 978-0-578-99550-2