Rapid one-step chemical synthesis of polyaniline-manganese ferrite nanocomposites without external initiator and mechanical agitation

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We describe a rapid one-step, room temperature method to chemically synthesize bulk quantities of nanocomposites comprising specifically of manganese ferrite (MnFe2O4) and polyaniline (conductive form). Typically a chemical agent, for example ammonium peroxydisulfate, is used [...]

A Non-Oxidative Sensor Based on a Self-Doped Polyaniline/Carbon Nanotube Composite for Highly Sensitive and Selective Detection of the Neurotransmitter Dopamine

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The ability to measure the concentration of dopamine sensitively and selectively could potentially be used for molecular diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease. The ability to monitor its concentration in-vivo also benefits in design therapies and evaluating [...]