The Effects of Dwell_time of Monopolar Waveform on Droplet Formation through the Analysis of Fluid Propagation Direction


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For inkjet printing, the fluid dynamics in a capillary tube caused by the movement of the piezoelectric material is essential due to the need to adjust the voltage pulse waveform, but it has seldom been observed and measured. Some studies have found pressure variation in the tube by measuring meniscus motion or using a laser Doppler vibrometer. However, the contribution of each voltage pulse is not clearly known. This study investigates the pressure wave propagation of molten solder induced by a voltage pulse using a numerical simulation method. Micro droplets of molten lead-free solder, Sn3.0Ag0.5Cu, were ejected at 230 °C using a squeeze-mode piezoelectric inkjet printing process. Simulation results, which are verified by experiment results, are used to examine the fluid dynamics in a capillary tube. The pressure wave propagation direction is determined and the effect of each voltage pulse is discussed. The results can be used to optimize parameters to obtain the desired droplet properties.

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Journal: TechConnect Briefs
Volume: 2, Nanotechnology 2013: Electronics, Devices, Fabrication, MEMS, Fluidics and Computational (Volume 2)
Published: May 12, 2013
Pages: 540 - 543
Industry sectors: Advanced Materials & Manufacturing | Sensors, MEMS, Electronics
Topic: Informatics, Modeling & Simulation
ISBN: 978-1-4822-0584-8