Study of a Power Source Based on Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENRs) Using Hydrogen Pressurized Nanoparticles


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We are studying anomalous heat, attributed to Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENRs), generated from metal alloy nanoparticles loaded with hydrogen (or deuterium) through pressurizing the vessel containing the particles [1]. The primary result thus far is that the excess energies observed in experiments to date are all well above maximum estimation of what could be attributed to known chemical reactions. The discovery of ultra-high-density hydrogen cluster formation in void and dislocation loops has allowed us to develop host materials that give reasonably reproducible results [2, 3]. The hydrogen in these clusters is close to metallic density and theory shows the cluster atoms can react when another hydrogen diffuses in transferring momentum to the cluster atoms. The external power/energy input involved is minimal compared to the output, indicating a large energy gain. Due to the low energy of the ion initiating the reactions (vs. fission and hot fusion reactions), the compound nucleus formed has little excitation energy. Thus it follows decay channels leading the stable or near stable reaction products. As result, despite these being nuclear reactions, the products have minimum radioactivity. In view of its very high energy density and lack of significant nuclear waste, power units based on LENRs are very attractive for distributed power units that serve in a renewable energy network. A summary of representative experimental data and an update on the corresponding reaction mechanism will be presented. References [1] George H. Miley, “LENR Reactions Using Clusters”, ICCF-18, Univ. of Missouri, Columbia, MO, 2013 [2] Lipson, A., Heuser, B. J., Castano, C., Miley, G. H., Lyakhov, B., and Mitin, A., “Transport and Magnetic Anomalies below 70°K in a Hydrogen-Cycled Pd Foil with a Thermally Grown Oxide,” Physics Review B., Vol. 72, 2005, p. 212507. [3] Miley, G. H., and Yang, X., “Deuterium Cluster Target for Ultra-High Density,” 18th Topical Meeting on the Technology of Fusion Energy, San Francisco, CA, 2009.

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Journal: TechConnect Briefs
Volume: 2, Materials for Energy, Efficiency and Sustainability: TechConnect Briefs 2017
Published: May 14, 2017
Pages: 17 - 20
Industry sectors: Advanced Materials & Manufacturing | Energy & Sustainability
Topic: Catalysis
ISBN: 978-0-9975117-9-6