Scalable Polymer Patterning (SP2)


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Polymeric materials are easily fabricated into a wide array of structures for numerous applications. The bulk properties can be tailored for preparing novel structures and substrates for use as substrates for 3D printing. Particularly, the ability to tailor the surface for specific applications or enabling the printing of structures onto the substrate. For example, the surface chemistry and structure can be tailored for superhydrophobic or omniphobic properties. A process that is easily scaled to continuous/large area structures is critical for commercialization and this work demonstrates scalable polymer patterning for creating superhydrophobic surfaces and tailored surfaces to control the printing of secondary structures by patterning of hydrophobic and hydrophilic surface patterns. In contrast to other manufacturing approaches, the processes are cost-effective and rapid. This work presents novel manufacturing approaches for the incorporation of nano/microscale functionality that are environmentally friendly (melt-based), industrially relevant, and can be transferred to continuous polymer patterning processes. Nano or micro-structured surfaces with patterns of different polymers or nanoparticles are made with directed assembly and transfer to polymer substrates. Unique structures for flexible electronic devices, metamaterials (near-IR and microwave), structural nanocomposites, icephobic surfaces or biocompatible materials will be described.

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Journal: TechConnect Briefs
Volume: 4, Advanced Manufacturing, Electronics and Microsystems: TechConnect Briefs 2015
Published: June 14, 2015
Pages: 89 - 92
Industry sector: Advanced Materials & Manufacturing
Topic: Advanced Manufacturing
ISBN: 978-1-4987-4730-1