Physical Properties of Ferrite Nanocomposites Based On Nylon-66

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The ferrite nanoparticles acted as a nucleating agent, leading to a small degree of supercooling. However, above a critical loading level (1 wt %), the nanoparticles in the polymer matrix might restrict the chain mobility as much as disturbing the participation of the polymer chain in the crystallizable unit. This phenomenon might be ascribed to a higher degree of interaction between ferrite and nylon-66. Up to 1 wt %, ferrite nanoparticles did not have large effect on the rheological properties of nylon-66. However, the nanocomposites with more than 5 wt % ferrite displayed notable shear thickening behavior in the low frequency less than circa 0.1 rad/sec because of the increased physical association within the nanocomposite systems. After the frequency, shear thinning was followed and its degree was increased with ferrite content.

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Journal: TechConnect Briefs
Volume: 2, Technical Proceedings of the 2007 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show, Volume 2
Published: May 20, 2007
Pages: 147 - 150
Industry sectors: Advanced Materials & Manufacturing | Personal & Home Care, Food & Agriculture
Topics: Advanced Materials for Engineering Applications, Personal & Home Care, Food & Agriculture
ISBN: 1-4200-6183-6