Near-Infrared Light Induced Mechanical Responses in Single-to-Few Layer Graphene

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Layer dependent physical responses of graphene-based polymer composites to near-infrared (NIR) light are reported. Thin film polymer composites were fabricated and compared utilizing both single layer graphene and few layer graphene (~5 layers). NIR-induced axial stress and kinetics were measured and found to exhibit three distinct pre-strain dependent response states. Composite stress responses, elastic moduli, and efficiencies were observed to depend on the number of graphene layers in the two-dimensional crystal.

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Journal: TechConnect Briefs
Volume: 1, Nanotechnology 2012: Advanced Materials, CNTs, Particles, Films and Composites (Volume 1)
Published: June 18, 2012
Pages: 294 - 297
Industry sector: Advanced Materials & Manufacturing
Topics: Carbon Nano Structures & Devices
ISBN: 978-1-4665-6274-5