Deployment of Affordable Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) Coatings to Improve Efficiencies in Transportation

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According to the EPA the transportation sector in the United States is set to be the largest emitter of pollutants into the atmosphere. In 2015, 27% of total greenhouse gas emitted was due to the transportation sector (only 2% behind the generation of electric power) accounting for 6,587 metric tons of CO2 emissions. TriboTEX has developed an easy to use drop-in formula to address some of the issues associated with greenhouse gas pollutants emitted by the transportation sector. TriboTEX synthesizes dual-sided flat nanoparticles with distinct functionality on each side (sticky/slick). When added to lubrication systems the sticky side attaches to metallic surfaces exposing a slick side that reduces friction. The reduction in friction has demonstrated improvements in fuel efficiency of 4-8% on average across different vehicle platforms. These improvements in efficiency are backwards compatible with vehicles on the road and have been deployed in over 10,000 vehicles worldwide. The ability to treat legacy vehicles provides a direct improvement to existing vehicles in the transportation without the additional burden on the environment of the carbon footprint associated with introducing new vehicle platforms. TriboTEX nanomaterials provide an easy to administer solution to curb greenhouse gas emissions of the transportation sector.

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Journal: TechConnect Briefs
Volume: 2, Materials for Energy, Efficiency and Sustainability: TechConnect Briefs 2018
Published: May 13, 2018
Pages: 191 - 194
Industry sector: Energy & Sustainability
Topic: Carbon Capture & Utilization
ISBN: 978-0-9975117-9-6