Automated Solid Model Extraction for MEMS Visualization

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A software tool has been developed to enable the rapid generation of solid models for MEMS structures. The automated 3-dimensional model extraction (3DMX) software, together with a description of a MEMS process, is capable of generating a solid model of a micromachined structure directly from its mask layout. The ability to automatically generate solid models of MEMS devices provides an effective path towards 3-dimensional visualization and design rule checking. The 3DMX software, which has been developed in C++ for code portability and extensibility, is applicable to a wide range of typical MEMS device features, including conformal and planar surfaces, vias, etch holes, planarizing layers, and bonded layers. The utility of the software is demonstrated for a variety of MEMS applications. The software algorithms are described, and ongoing development directions are discussed, including application to coupled-field modeling for MEMS transducers.

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Journal: TechConnect Briefs
Volume: Technical Proceedings of the 1998 International Conference on Modeling and Simulation of Microsystems
Published: April 6, 1998
Pages: 292 - 297
Industry sector: Sensors, MEMS, Electronics
Topic: Modeling & Simulation of Microsystems
ISBN: 0-96661-35-0-3