The Use of Nanoscale Zero Valent Iron for Environmental Remediation – Benefits and Possible Pitfalls

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Nanoscale zero valent iron (nZVI) is the primary nanoscale particle that is being used for environmental remediation of contaminated groundwater and soils. Golder Associates Ltd. and HydroQual Laboratories (a wholly owned subsidiary of Golder) has [...]

Cytotoxicity of metallic oxide nanoparticles in human neural and non-neural cells

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The use of nanomaterials in industrial applications (e.g., drug delivery, additives to drugs and cosmetics) has escalated in the last decade, leading to the possibility of their becoming environmental pollutants. However, these cytotoxic and other [...]

A Co-Culture Model for Nanotoxicity and Tissue Engineering Studies

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Cell model systems in vitro play vital roles in recent advances in toxicological and tissue engineering research. They are particularly versatile in facilitating signaling and related mechanistic studies. Although the 3-D cell models better simulate [...]