CdMoO4 synthesized by a microwave-assisted hydrothermal method and their photoluminescence and photocatality properties

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Metal molybdates had a high application potential in various fields such as photoluminescence, microwave applications, optical fibers, scintillator materials, humidity sensors, and catalysis. In this work CdMoO4 nanoparticles were obtained under hydrothermal conditions using microwave [...]

Structural refinement and photoluminescence properties of cube-like (Ca1-xCux)TiO3 crystals synthesized by the microwave-hydrothermal method

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In this work, (Ca1-xCux)TiO3 crystals with (x = 0, 0.01 and 0.02), were synthesized by the microwave-hydrothermal method at 140ºC for 32 min. The photo-physical properties were studied to analyze the influence of Cu2+ doping [...]