Smart Power and Power Discretes Hardware-software co-design for reliability improvement of BLDC power drivers for eMobility by key BCD Technologies running in Europe


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Growing market of microcontroller driven electronic devices useful for workshop tools, household appliances, electromobility applications and functional gadgets market demand stimulates the increase of customer expectations for product functionality flexibility, reliability and price. IC fabrication technologies along with suitable integration techniques make products hard for service actions, whereas device disassembly before repair is very risky (if only available). Product replacement becomes the most common option constrained by substitute component availability for device service if relatively cheap components / modules are available. Such a situation applies to small electric devices like vehicles (scooters, power boards…), white goods and many more tools and appliances/gadgets periodically appearing nowadays. STMicroelectronics – which is the R3-PowerUP project coordinator and global leader in power technologies – develops the set of long-lasting BCD technologies combining strength of three different technologies available in a single chip instance: precise analog functions (Bipolar), digital design (CMOS – Complementary MOS) and high-voltage/power elements (DMOS – Double Diffused Metal Oxide Semiconductor). The R3-PowerUP project is focused on BCD 90nm (BCD9) and 110nm (BCD10) feature size processes. According increasing market demand for cheap electronics and components BCD9 and BCD10 have been selected for migration from 200mm Si substrates (the technology now available and running) to 300mm diameter substrates in order to reduce final price of the single chip and to have it fabricated in the Europe in European Pilot Line Facility for Smart Power technology in Agrate (Italy). The migration to 300mm wafer size involves both power discrete and advanced smart power/logic/PCM (non-volatile memories). It is the process necessary power semiconductor IC electronics to develop it and keep in Europe. This paper will focus on a single R3-PowerUp demonstrator development focused on power electronics hardware and software solutions. The above mentioned demonstrator embraces Brush-Less-Direct-Current (BLDC) motors driver development. Preliminary applications and electro-mechanical parameters will be discussed and presented along with analog power modules and digital controlled modules development constrains, reliability issues and software “fuses” to assure the driver security and reliability features. The control unit – based on the polish SME microcontroller IP module – application intentionally localized for in BCD9 technology (available for prototyping at STMicroelectronics) will be discussed in parallel with hardware and software security extensions.

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Journal: TechConnect Briefs
Volume: TechConnect Briefs 2022
Published: June 13, 2022
Pages: 140 - 143
Industry sector: Energy & Sustainability
Topic: Energy Storage
ISBN: 979-8-218-00238-1