Magnetic Nano Particles for Diagnostics

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Magnetic Nano Particles (MNP) for diagnostics had been fabricated by coating the particle ‘s surface with specific coupling agents . This agent allows the pulling the virus containing DNA and/or RNA molecules off the patient blood . The viruses were isolated from the MNP to be magnified by the PCR technique . It is found that this technique can be more effective compared to the conventional diagnostic process at least 60X or more based on the concentration of the detected viruses . The succesful viruses for the diagnostics include hepathetis B, hepathetis C, koch , diarhea in tropical area etc ..MNP can be selected from a variety of nano particles including solid phase carbon nano tube, Ni oxide, iron oxide and Co oxide

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Journal: TechConnect Briefs
Volume: 2, Nanotechnology 2009: Life Sciences, Medicine, Diagnostics, Bio Materials and Composites
Published: May 3, 2009
Pages: 263 - 265
Industry sectors: Medical & Biotech | Sensors, MEMS, Electronics
Topics: Chemical, Physical & Bio-Sensors, Diagnostics & Bioimaging
ISBN: 978-1-4398-1783-4