Inductive Fault Analysis of a Microresonator

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We study the failure mechanisms of a microresonator. A MEMs process simulation tool is used to discover the full spectrum of defective structures caused by particulate contaminations introduced during manufacturing. Based on process simulation results, defect categorization is performed. Mechanical and electrical simulation are then used to quantify the misbehaviors associated with the categories of defective structures. The analysis reveals that particulates can cause both parametric and catastrophic changes in behavior. Also, we found types of defects that do not affect mechanical behavior but have a significant impact on electrical behavior.

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Journal: TechConnect Briefs
Volume: Technical Proceedings of the 1999 International Conference on Modeling and Simulation of Microsystems
Published: April 19, 1999
Pages: 498 - 501
Industry sector: Sensors, MEMS, Electronics
Topic: Modeling & Simulation of Microsystems
ISBN: 0-9666135-4-6