Analysis of AC-Driven Electroosmotic Flow in a Microchannel Packed with Microspheres

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This paper presents a theoretical study on the AC-driven electroosmotic flow in both open and closed cylindrical microchannels packed with uniform microspheres. The time-periodic oscillating electroosmotic flow in an open microchannel in response to the application of an alternating (AC) electric field is obtained using the Green’s function analytical approach. The analysis is based on the Carman-Kozeny theory. The backpressure associated with the counter-flow in a closed capillary is obtained by solving the modified Kaviany’s momentum equation. The non-linear Poisson-Boltzmann equation is solved using an analytical scheme. We request for an oral presentation.

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Journal: TechConnect Briefs
Volume: 1, Technical Proceedings of the 2004 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show, Volume 1
Published: March 7, 2004
Pages: 308 - 311
Industry sectors: Advanced Materials & Manufacturing | Sensors, MEMS, Electronics
Topic: Micro & Bio Fluidics, Lab-on-Chip
ISBN: 0-9728422-7-6