An Efficient Numerical Algorithm for Extracting Pull-In Hyper-Surfaces of Electrostatic Actuators with Multiple Uncoupled Electrodes

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In this work the stability of electrostatic actuators with multiple uncoupled voltage sources applied to separate isolated excitation electrodes is analyzed. These electrodes are used to drive a continuous deformable element. A novel computational strategy and an efficient numerical scheme for simulating such problems are presented. The theory of the stability of electrostatic actuation and specifically the notion of the Pull-In state are generalized to such systems. In this respect, for an actuator with K-uncoupled electrodes and N-degrees of freedom, the Pull-In is shown to be a K-1 dimensional hyper-surface in a N+K dimensional state-space of the actuator. The novel strategy enables the extraction of the Pull-In hyper-surface by scanning the voltage space along voltage hyper-rays. Along these rays a DIPIE scheme is used to rapidly extract the Pull-In parameters, resulting in an efficient multi-DIPIE scheme. To illustrate the strategy a clamped-clamped beam actuator with multiple electrodes is analyzed.

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Journal: TechConnect Briefs
Volume: 1, Technical Proceedings of the 2002 International Conference on Modeling and Simulation of Microsystems
Published: April 22, 2002
Pages: 206 - 209
Industry sector: Sensors, MEMS, Electronics
Topics: Modeling & Simulation of Microsystems
ISBN: 0-9708275-7-1