An Effective Way of Anaerobic Digestion of Chicken Manure with Plant Biomass


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Author’s Organization: (1) Institute of Joint Bioenergy, Nanjing University of Technology, Nanjing 210009;Jiangsu;China; (2) Cascade Clean Energy Inc. 10610 Morengo Drive, Cupertino, CA 95014 With the growth of animal farms around the world, animal manure is becoming a pollution resource especially to nearby populations. Chicken manure is the richest animal manure in nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium (N-P-K). The higher volatile nitrogen content is worse than to the atmosphere than other manures, and many pathogenic bacteria is harmful to people’s health. Anaerobic digestion of animal manure is a popular disposal method. However, because of higher nitrogen content and relatively lower carbon source, chicken manure is difficult in accomplishing a successful and rapid anaerobic digestion process with earlier acidification to affect the biogas production. Straw and many other crop biomass is one of crop wastes which composed of abundant organic carbon source. In this paper, we investigated the anaerobic digestion of chicken manure mixing with crop straws, enriched with selected microorganisms. There are two ways to accomplish mixing fermentation of chicken manure and crop straws. Straws could be retting pretreated and then mix with original chicken manure; or cut straws directly add during the digestion process of chicken manure. When the mixing fermentation was employed at 35±5C; with stirring, biogas could be produced after 12 hours and higher biogas production rate was gained in our experiments. The results showed that anaerobic digestion of chicken manure by adding crop straws to provide carbon source is an effective way to maximize biogas production.

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Journal: TechConnect Briefs
Volume: Technical Proceedings of the 2011 Clean Technology Conference and Trade Show
Published: June 13, 2011
Pages: 98 - 101
Industry sector: Energy & Sustainability
Topic: Biofuels & Bioproducts
ISBN: 978-1-4398-8189-7