Update on evaluation of enhanced darkfield microscopy and hyperspectral mapping for analysis of airborne nanoparticulate collected on filter-based media

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Current best-known methods for engineered nanomaterial (ENM) exposure assessment in occupational environments include the capture of airborne ENMs onto filter media.1–3 The current standard method for the analysis of filter media is direct visualization via [...]

Developing a rapid screening method for direct visualization of nanoparticles captured on filter media during occupational exposure assessments

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As engineered nanomaterials (ENMs) are increasingly incorporated into manufacturing processes and consumer goods, the nanotechnology workforce is also growing, with 6 million workers anticipated by 2020, of which 2 million are projected to work in [...]

Protecting the nanotechnology workforce: a new protocol for characterization of filter-captured nanomaterials from occupational exposure assessments

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The nanotechnology workforce is growing along with the rapid commercialization of nanotechnology, with an estimated 6 million workers by 2020;1 however, risk assessment for nanotechnology workers is still in its infancy because occupational exposure assessment [...]